Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Mannerly Student: College Classroom Etiquette via @DianeGottsman

Here's some good advice for students from etiquette expert Diane Gottsman - she gives 12 tips for good behaviour and manners in College. I posted about the first of these relating to laptops in class yesterday, but several of the others are just simple common sense and good manners. Read all 12 for yourself here.

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While I think that everyone, not just students, should adhere to classroom etiquette, my favourites from Gottsman's list are:

  #6:  No such thing as “fashionably late”
  #8: Choose your seat wisely
#10: Avoid monopolizing your professor’s time

One not on the list is about students getting up in the middle of the class and walking out (presumably to go to the loo) without excusing themselves or apologizing for the disruption (however brief) they cause.

It's easy to have manners, but it is not easy to be mannerly all the time. It's also easy to be rude, and unfortunately it is easy to be rude all the time. College is a place of learning, but by the time students get to College they should not still have some manners to learn.

I know some of my own students read this blog, and in the main they are (and always have been) a mannerly bunch. This post is about manners in general, and is not based on experiences in my own classes. 

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