Tuesday, October 01, 2013

A new iPhone @VodafoneIreland

At the weekend I treated myself to a an iPhone 5, upgrading from a 4s. For some time I have been unhappy with my contract with O2 which averaged €60-€65/month. I have opted for a new €35/month plan with Vodafone. With this I will have to manage better to use WiFi whenever possible rather than the Edge/3G network.

The iPhone 5.
Image source: Apple.
So far, the change from the 4s to the 5 did not go smoothly - it took two hours to backup and restore. In the end I managed to get my new phone to "look" like my old phone. But not until after a lot of re-installing and re-work. Most of the problems were caused by the fact that two iPhones have synced to my computer. Just when you think things will go smoothly, something will get in the way.

The new iPhone is fine - no doubt I will have fun setting it up over the next few days. It is my 4th iPhone, though I did consider moving to Samsung. However, the contract is for two years, so I'll be a Vodafone customer for some time. Back in September 2008 I rather excitedly wrote about getting my first iPhone. To do so I had to switch from Vodafone to O2, now I'm switching back again  - the only reason is the €35/month deal. O2, you have priced yourselves out of the market that I am in and you have lost a customer while you all figure out what the takeover by Three means for you. #eyeofftheball

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