Monday, October 07, 2013

1982 - it's really only a few minutes ago?

Photo taken in October 1982.
Last evening at the dinner table we had a chat about around this time 35 years ago when I started College in Trinity. I have very few physical reminders, like photographs, from that time, the nearest I can find is my ID card from 1982. I'm sure I'm not alone in looking back over time and wishing I was young again. Today in 1982 I was exactly 23 years old, and looked a lot younger than I do today. Sometimes I look at the skinny hairy young fella that I was and almost not recognise him. If someone told him 30 years ago what he would be doing now I'm certain he would have laughed at the stupidity of all suggestions.

What would I advise my 31 years younger version of myself?

Answer: "Don't change a thing, no regrets"!

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