Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Middle Age Begins at 53 says New Survey #SameAgeAsMe

The Daily Mail Online in a report today When does middle age really begin? On your 53rd birthday tells us that in a new survey that "Rising life expectancy means it no longer hits when you're 41". 53 is now the new middle age! Since I am 53 I thought I'd read on and see if there is any truth to this and if I am now officially middle-aged.

Below (from the Mail Online report with a slightly British twinge) are the "tell-tale" signs that you are middle aged - and I must confess to seeing myself agreeing with most of these points (though it usually takes more than one glass of wine to put me to sleep!):
Image source: Daily Mail Online.

For me, middle age strikes when you:
  • Look at a beautiful young woman and wonder what her Mum looks like
  • Dry your hair gently after a shower in case rigorous drying with a towel uproots some of your few remaining precious hairs
  • Know the theme tune to The Monkees TV Show
  • Still think George Best is the greatest footballer of all time
  • The expression you say most often is "Where the f**k did I leave my glasses?"
  • Put on a jumper instead of turning on the heat in cold weather
  • Think that Fawlty Towers is still the best comedy ever
  • Listen to RTÉ Radio One more than any other radio station in Ireland
  • Remember when Offaly were good at both football and hurling
  • Still cheer when you see replays of Packie Bonner saving a penalty at the Italia '90 World Cup
  • Bore the pants off people by telling the same story again that you told them five minutes ago
  • Think that there should be a separate sound-proofed area for crying kids on airplanes
  • Drive by your primary school and think "I'll be dead when those little feckers reach my age"
  • Think that everybody on the road drives faster and more carelessly than you do
  • Think it's a tough call to decide between a nice cuppa tea and a lie in
  • Insist on proper punctuation and grammar in text messages
  • Finally throw out clothes that fitted you 25 years ago
  • Your favourite TV channel is GOLD
  • Turn off light switches around the house like your Dad used to do
  • Think that someone in their 60s is really not that old
  • Can't believe that John Lennon is dead almost 33 years and that he would be 72 if he was alive today
  • Put on a replica football shirt and think "There's still a chance"
  • Know the words of all The Beatles songs, but don't know the words of any song written after 1979
  • Bore the pants off people by telling the same story again that you told them five minutes ago

Yes - I am officially middle aged!

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