Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Face in the Crowd #FanPic

Eircom and the GAA have teamed up to provide an interactive photograph of fans at last Sundays All-Ireland Football Semi-Final between Mayo and Tyrone. If you were there, as I was, you can find and tag yourself with your Facebook ID. A bit of fun, or is it?

Below I reproduce a screen shot after I tagged myself (yes, I am wearing a Wicklow jersey at a Mayo vs Tyrone match!) in the Hogan Stand - you can do this at www.experiencemore.ie/fanpic. At the time of writing this post, nearly 5,000 people have already done so. None of the people in the photograph gave me permission to reproduce the image below, and many will be unaware that this photo (and screen shot) was taken. Is it an invasion of privacy? In the future will the police or intelligence agencies be able to match up all the faces regardless of whether they were tagged or not to a Facebook profile? What about employers watching out for employees skipping work? What about people cheating on one another? Can it be used to identify football hooligans? Could this technology be applied to any crowd? 

Expect more of this sort of thing!

One thing I will say - everybody in the photo above was enjoying the match, though Tyrone fans did not go home happy!

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