Tuesday, May 28, 2013

What would you give up to be 18 again?

Last week my youngest daughter Vicki had her Graduation from Loreto College Foxrock, along with about 90 of her 18-year old classmates. We were invited to the ceremony which was a Mass followed by speeches and a Reception. The girls sang beautifully and the two Head Girls spoke very eloquently and entertainingly. The school hall was full of very proud parents, including Roma and me.

Coincidentally I read an article on Linkedin by T. Boone Pickens entitled Class of 2013: Here's What I'd Give Up to be You. In the article Pickens recalls a speech he made at a graduation ceremony where he offered everything, including his "Gulfstream airplane" and his "68,000-acre ranch" just to be sitting where the graduates sat. But, there was a catch - he said "If you make the trade, you have to be 79 and I get to be 18 again". Of course he got no takers as all the students "decided that no amount of wealth could persuade them to change places with a man about to turn 80". This got me thinking what I would give up to be an 18 year old again. Of course I'd give up all material things (even my Harley-Davidson!), but not family - we can't turn the clock back.

It is a wonderful thought - being 18 again. In the video below dating from 1980, George Burns (then aged 84) sings "I Wish I Was 18 Again". Jeez - I'm turning into an old man nostalgic for my younger days!

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