Thursday, May 09, 2013

Two and a Half Million Learners - Thank You!

This morning when I checked in on-line I noted that my Learn with Dr Eugene O'Loughlin YouTube channel had passed the 2,500,000 viewers landmark. A huge THANK YOU to every single one of those folks who have checked out my videos. As I have written many times before on this blog - I am delighted and humbled that so many people are finding my modest efforts useful.

What started out as an experiment with an e-Learning class has turned into something that is starting to dominate my own learning and teaching experiences. Everyday I check the analytics for the channel to see who is learning what - it's addictive. I often look out for new ideas to create videos, and keep saying to myself "I must do more". I teach far more people via YouTube than I do in the classroom - at a wild guess I'd say at least 1,000 times more in the last 11 years since I left SmartForce (Skillsoft) and joined the National College of Ireland. Some of my own students use the channel, but 99% plus are from outside my classes. 

It's hard to write about this and not sound like I am slapping myself on the back and saying "Ah sure aren't you great!". But I've given up been falsely modest a long time ago. I am proud of each and every one of my students both inside and outside the classroom. After a lifetime in education I feel I might finally be getting something right. If I can help students in any way, however small - I will.

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  1. I've been researching some solutions to my self-education training in excel, and I was surprised at the simplicity and goodness as it exposes the matter. I learned a lot and I can only thank you very much.
    I would like to know a little more about you, and came across this blog, and choose this oportunaty to express my appreciation.
    I want to say you another thing, I already visited your country at year 2000, and i stayed about 15 days, it was wonderful!
    Carlos ( Portugal )