Thursday, January 10, 2013

Two new videos on Learn with Dr Eugene O'Loughlin YouTube Education Channel

Today I spent some time creating new videos. The first is an updated version of one of my most popular videos "How To... Embed a YouTube Video into a PowerPoint 2010 Presentation". Since I posted this video on 31st August, 2010 it has been viewed 121,756 times, has 258 "likes" (9 "dislikes"), and 117 comments. Many of these comments are about the location of the Embed button that I refer to in the video. This is moved about by YouTube quite a bit, and due to some recent changes in the layout of the YouTube page I decided to create an updated version. I also added an annotation with link to the old video so that anyone viewing it can choose to click to the updated version. Here's the new video, which shows how to embed a Natural History Museum video into PowerPoint:

The second video is a new one - this time about simple linear regression. Once again Excel 2010 makes this an easy task to do is you want to compare two sets of data. You can plot the data on a scatter chart, add a trend line, generate the regression equation, and also calculate R-squared which tells you how strong the correlation is between the two sets of data. This is a straight-forward, but lengthy task if done manually - Excel makes it looks easy. Students should be warned that they probably have to know how to do the manual calculations on paper, but they can use Excel to check their results if necessary. Here's the video:

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