Sunday, January 13, 2013


Scan of Show Programme Cover.
I attended the musical "Oliver!" at the Bord Gáis Theatre last evening for a fantastic show. Many people of my generation were kids when the film version was released in 1968 (I did not know until today that Mark Lester who starred in the title role did not sing in the film!). On stage this is a spectacular production - this one was produced by Cameron Mackintosh.

All the familiar songs are there - "Consider Yourself", "Who Will Buy", "I'd Do Anything", and "Food Glorious Food". The many kids did on show did a super job, but Oliver Twist himself is underplayed a bit. The real star of the show was Neil Morrissey as Fagan, he really seemed to be enjoying his role and he delivered a funny, slightly dark, but masterful performance.

There were many kids in the audience who might have been bewildered by some of the sexual overtones, particularly in the "OOM-PAH-PAH" scene.

Overall - a great show and I'd recommend that the producers tone down the smutty bits to make it into the really brilliant family show that I think this is.

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