Monday, January 30, 2012

New Semester

Our new Semester at NCI started today and there was the usual buzz about the College with returning students  meeting up for the first time since the exams earlier this month. January 30th is a late start compared to other colleges, and we have a 14 week semester to get through. This leaves quite a lot of pressure on the busy April/May exam period.

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The students that I feel most for are those in their final year - I have three such classes this semester. For many, this will be their last semester in third-level after several years of study. A different world awaits after the summer exams. Some will continue on to postgraduate studies, some will get jobs, and sadly some will not get jobs or will have to emigrate. Many will end of in jobs or fields of study far away from what they studied in NCI. So to these students I wish you all well in your final semester in NCI - enjoy it while it lasts!

I've put a link to a graduation graphic for final year students in the hope that it inspires each of you to one last effort at college so that you too will be jumping for joy and proudly waving about your parchments when you graduate. You can so it!

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  1. Like! Scary to think its the last time starting back again. . . It will be weird not to see my class every day. Going to miss them :(