Friday, January 20, 2012

Business Systems Analysis

I have just finished a two day class with 16 students for the course HETAC Certificate in Business Analysis. There are three modules on the course and I deliver the Business Systems Analysis module. NCI delivers the course on behalf of the Business Analysts Association of Ireland - a new course starts next week.

This is one of my favourite modules to teach - I have lost count of how many times I have delivered it (I'm guessing about 15-16 times). The students are all working in many different types of organizations - in the past we have had students from the GardaĆ­, banks, civil service, consultancy firms, software companies, and leading edge organizations like PayPal. They are always a great mix - many are already practising Business Analysts, or working in a role that involves business analysis activities. They have always been a joy to work with and the over 300 students who have gone through the course make teaching a pleasure for me. 

It should also be said that the class is a good one for sales of my book. Almost all students who have taken the course since the book was published have bought it, and many past-students from previous classes have also bought it too. The book has sold about 400 copies, and I suspect that the 300 mentioned above account for the most part of this (A BIG THANK YOU TO YOU ALL!).  Nevertheless, it has sold outside this group and from time to time I see it "Out of Stock" or "Only 1 left in stock" on Amazon. This is nothing to get too excited about as I am told by my publisher that they only ever keep 2-3 books of this type in stock. As I write, my book is ranked 654,810 on the Amazon best sellers list. At its rate of sale it will be out of print in about three years! Proceeds of the book are donated to the NCI Foundation office - I don't have exact figures, but I estimate that it has raised over €1,500 for the Foundation. 

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