Thursday, January 05, 2012

45 Ways to Promote Your YouTube Videos!

Fabrizio Van Marciano writing in Magnet4Marketing summarizes nicely 45 Ways To Promote Your YouTube Videos.  Van Marciano shares with us "45 positive ways in which to promote your YouTube channel and in theory get more people viewing your videos". Some of these I am doing already for my own channel, but others are very interesting too.

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I'll not list the 45 ways here - but some are worth considering. The first few "ways" can be summarized by embedding and linking to your YouTube channel at every opportunity (web sites, presentations, emails, Twitter, Facebook, etc). Van Marciaino also suggest advertising your channel and even putting the URL on your business card. You can also buy targeted YouTube views and channel subscribers! He also suggests blogging about the channel and creating a Facebook fan page.

These 45 ways are listed on the Magnet4Marketing web site for on-line marketing and blogging tips. More and more companies are now using YouTube channels to promote their products and services. Even SkillSoft (who I worked for from 1989 to 2002) have got in on the act by creating a SkillSoft Channel. Guys - you really need to read Van Marciano's 45 ways to get the view numbers up :-)).

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