Friday, November 04, 2011

Solidarity with the Greeks

Lots of opinion and comment in the news and media this morning about the Greeks - most shed this beautiful country in a poor light, with the open thinking now being that Greece could drag both the euro and Europe into crisis. In Germany - Bild says that Greece and Papandreou are "zerstört" (destroyed), while our own Examiner newspaper uses words like "debacle" and "drama".

Panathanaikos FC
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Me - I like Greece. I admired their Euro 2004 team for the way they won the European Championship without multi-millionaire celebrity stars. I have been to Athens three times and loved it, and I have also holidayed in Crete. In all cases the people were very friendly and helpful. The restaurants and bars were always excellent value, and good quality to boot. I even got to like Ouzo when I was there!

While in Athens I bought a Panathanaikos FC t-shirt - it has an interesting logo with a shamrock. I'm sure I'm not the only Irish person to buy one of their shirts.

Today, as the ordinary Greek people are going though a very tough time, not all of their own making, I am wearing my Panathanaikos FC t-shirt as a sign of solidarity and support for the ordinary Greek people who have to pay for the sins and mistakes of others. 

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  1. Thank you for the understanding and consideration.Its going to take time and effort but we are going to regain our dignity that was severly attacked by the media all over the world.We are as good and as bad as the rest of the peoples of the world but we are always Hellenes and we have a History to carry on.
    Once again thank you for the solidarity we need it!