Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Social Media Presence Infographic

Yesterday I delivered a Guest Lecture to some fourth year students here in the College - something I have rarely done during my career as a Lecturer. I think this may only be the second or third time at most that I have been asked to do a guest lecture in NCI - many thanks to @pj_wall for inviting me into his class.

The lecture was basically about my own experience and presence on the World Wide Web. I tried my best not to be in a "look at me and aren't I great" mode. Perhaps my lecture would help to inspire students to think about their web presence and develop it to the best of their abilities. For the lecture I prepared one slide (always a good idea not to have too many slides) showing the following infographic:

This shows how my Blog, YouTube Channel, Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin communicate with one another - for example: when I publish a blog post, Blogger automatically sends out a tweet through Twitter, updates my Facebook page, and adds to my Linkedin page. One post, four updates to give me activity on several sites. Gmail helps me to manage everything as each social network tool automatically sends me an email if someone comments on my blog, retweets one of my tweets, likes something on Facebook, or comments on Linkedin.

Also above I for the first time showed off my new website (which has taken me two years to get going) - www.thereshouldbealaw.ie! It is hosted on Tumblr and has its own Twitter account (@thereshudbalaw), and Gmail account. I'll blog about this at a later date.

All of the above takes up quite a bit of time, but thanks to automatic feeds, I don't have to visit each site on a regular basis. My blog and YouTube channel takes up most time. I rarely post directly onto Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin - preferring instead for Blogger to do the work for me.

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  1. I was very impressed by this lecture yesterday. The way Eugene has combined and leveraged various social media channels into a cohesive whole is very impressive. I was genuinely inspired to leverage some of this technology myself. It's amazing what can be achieved by the use of these tools ... I can see huge potential to use this in education (as a lecturer, researcher, and student). I use Twitter, FaceBook, Gmail, and YouTube myself ... mainly in a disjointed, piecemeal fashion ... yesterdays talk has given me a number of ideas about how I can use these tools more effectively, and combine them in interesting and innovative ways. All I need now is the time and energy to put these ideas into practice!

    I was also very honoured to be at the launch of the new website www.thereshouldbealaw.ie! I can see it going from strength to strength.

    Thanks again Eugene. I can say that yesterdays lecture was one of the most interesting and inspiring hours I've ever spent in NCI. The only problem you now have is that I'll be pestering you to gust lecture in all my classes!!