Thursday, March 17, 2011

Green Beer on St. Patrick's Day

I spent St Patrick's Day in the Murcia region in Spain staying at the La Torre Golf Resort. While it was very quiet in the hotel where we were staying, they did mark the day with an Oirish themed barbecue lunch. Roma and I were the only Irish people there. The Swedish-Irish people certainly enjoyed themselves with silly leprechaun hats and green/Guinness paraphernalia. The music, which was a bit loud for the middle of the day, was all about the IRA and the Black & Tans - courtesy I'm sure of an Irish Rebel Songs CD. Stereotyping was alive and well in Spain - we decided to have a quiet lunch.

One thing I couldn't avoid was the green beer - well I suppose I could have not ordered it, but it was St Patrick's Day after all! In my 51 years on this earth, this was the first St Patrick's Day that I had spent outside of Ireland. And the first time I ever had a green beer - Sláinte!

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