Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Cousins are great!

One of the nice things about sad occasions like a funeral is that you get to meet family that you may not have seen or met since the last funeral or wedding. On the sad occasion of my Aunt Breeda's funeral last Monday I met several of my O'Loughlin cousins - some of whom I would not have known if I passed them on the street.

Family Tree - graphic from
I have 23 first cousins on my Dad's side of the family: Charles, Declan, James, Paul, Clarissa, Leone, Pauline, Alex, Anna, Kate, Liz, Jim, Dan, Rosemary, Carol, Mia, John, Charlie, Linda, Louise, Johnnie, and Richard. I was surprised, and delighted, that several mentioned this blog. I do write about family events - hence the interest. 

There is a certain ease with which cousins can almost instantly strike up a conversation as if we were best friends and met regularly - even after the longest time since the previous occasion that we've met. Being part of a family - no matter how infrequently we meet up, reminds us that there are blood ties between us that can never be changed. We are cousins forever, and long may the relaxed chat and banter continue. One place in South County Wicklow, Tomacork near Carnew, binds us as this is where one of our parents grew up. The farm where Joe, Breeda, Paddy, Mary, Charlie, and Eileen O'Loughlin grew up is still there - I pass by it regularly on my way to play golf in Coollattin. Tomacork is a constant reminder of where we all came from - below is the Google Street View of the entrance to the farm where our parents grew up.

For those of you who check in from time to time, I also have an on-line family tree - it can be accessed here. Feel free to send me updates - three of my Quinn cousins are expecting new arrivals in the next few months. Please also report any errors or missing details.

By-the-way - I discovered at the weekend that one of my biggest fans in my family is my Aunt Mary who thinks I am "wonderful". Hi Mary - thanks for reading this blog, love you to bits!

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  1. Words cannot express the pain of your loss. My sincere sympathy to my whole family in the North. Special love to my Dad who has lost his beautiful sister, friend and confidant.She was a beautiful woman and a true lady. Her pain is gone. She will be in our hearts forever. RIP Auntie Breda.