Sunday, March 13, 2011

Election Poster Tie Shame - Seán Barrett, Barry Andrews, Ivana Bacik

Regular readers of this blog will now that I have long campaigned against the use of, and the non-disposal of the plastic ties that hold up election posters. Two weeks after the election, most of the posters have gone. I have seen some election workers out with long-handled secateurs taking down both posters and ties for Lucinda Creighton in Sandymount (take a bow Lucinda!). But it is a lasting shame that many poster ties still litter our lamp posts due to to the laziness of candidates and their workers.

List of shame - Newtownpark Avenue.
The lamp post across the road from the end of my garden is on the busy Newtownpark Avenue road in Blackrock. During the election campaign we have had posters of Barry Andrews, Seán Barrett, and Ivana Bacik adorning this pole. The Barry Andrews posters were blown down by the big wind during the first few days of the campaign. These were replaced by two sets of Seán Barrett posters, and one for Ivana Bacik. I know this because I had their faces looking in on my kitchen and bedroom for the duration of the campaign.

The posters belonging to Barrett and Bacik were removed within a few days of the election - but they left their poster ties behind. There are now nine poster ties on this lamp post, including some left behind from the last election.

Why do election workers refuse to take these down? If they can put them up there, they can take them down - how tough can this be?

Shame on you!
So my List of Shame is made up of Labour's Ivana Bacik, Fine Gael's Seán Barrett, and Fianna Fáil's Barry Andrews. I know there are many others out there in all constituencies, and it is perhaps unfair to pick on these three?

I now call on the new Minister for the Environment Phil Hogan to do something about this scourge. My main problem is not really with the ties themselves - but with the arrogance of our politicians who think they can leave them on our lamp posts for somebody else to clean up.

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  1. Long handled garden secateurs would do the job. Instead they just pull the poster off :-(