Saturday, October 02, 2010

Welcome to the Next Generation Broadband experience - Bollox!

Here is part of an email I received three days ago from Eircom:

Dear customer,

Congratulations, you have been moved onto our new eircom Next Generation Broadband service. You can now enjoy the uncongested Up to 8Mb Next Generation experience for no extra charge!


eircom broadband support

I did a speed check using just now (9.30am) - here is the result:

Now that a long way off "uncongested Up to 8Mb". So I called Eircom Tech Support for help who informed me that the line to my local exchange only supports 4MB, and that the remaining loss is due to me talking to him on the phone (which is using the same phone line as broadband connection)!

This type of thing drives me fucking crazy. I was delighted to get the email above which is a legit non-spam email  from eircom. Wouldn't you think that they would know about the line's limitations? Wouldn't you think that they would run a check on the line before sending the email to me? A computer can do this in seconds.

I'm now officially in the market to change phone and broadband connection - the next WiMAX salesman who calls to my house will get a warm reception from me. If you know anybody in this business - please pass on this lead to them.

eircom - you had your chance to keep me. I waited a long time for the "Next Generation experience for no extra charge", but you blew it. There is NO DIFFERENCE in my broadband connection, so stop telling me one thing and doing another. All talk, loads of PR, lots of ads, a nice email - but no action. How do companies get away with this?

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