Sunday, July 18, 2010

Platanias, Greece

Crete was a new destination for me - after much research, we decided to rent a villa in Platanias on the western side of Crete. Our villa was one of two Rock Houses, and was very modern and comfortable. I was a bit worried that it was very close to the Rock House pub (which only opens at 10 o'clock in the evening), but there was no noise from the pub. The Rock Houses are an excellent place to stay - very central to all amenities in Platanias. All that was missing was a view - it is surrounded by high fencing to give privacy from apartment blocks close by. The photo to the right shows a view from old Platanias towards the small harbour - the white arrows points to our villa. Rock Houses - recommended!

Platanias is a busy town, with lots of restaurants and shops. Most of the holiday makers seemed to be from Scandinavia. We met no Irish people, and only one British couple. Even the TVs in the bars were broadcasting Norwegian football matches! Best pizza ever is in La Gondola restaurant - don't miss it if you are ever in Platanias.

The beach was very close by, but I preferred the pool at the villa - mostly because of the very gravelly and hot sand at the beach. We had a car, which was not really necessary - but we did go for lunch to Kissamos (twice), and also had a trip to Chania for the day. Lots of places to eat and drink - so much choice, but only a week to sample it. Apart from the mad feckers on motorbikes on the main street - Platanias is a safe and ideal place to go for a holiday if you don't want lager louts and noise, but is not too quiet either. I really enjoyed it here and would certainly go back again.

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