Wednesday, July 07, 2010


On our short stay in Athens we just had to go and see The Acropolis and all its ruins. This is a fantastic site and even though it was quite early in the morning it was very busy. I had been here before in 2005 and had stood in awe at how buildings such as The Parthenon could have been built thousands of years ago without cranes, bulldozers, and bank loans. Once again I stood transfixed by the might of the Ancient Greeks. I got out my iPhone and shot two short videos - in this first, we are on top of the Acropolis...

For my second video, I was on top of a nearly hill which looked up at the Acropolis. According to an information sign I was in the posh part of the old city that occupied this site (the Greek word "Acropolis" stands for "city on the edge"). This also gives a great view of the centre of Athens...

Athens is a bustling, hot and dusty city - it is also very noisy with a lot of mopeds and motorbikes about. I really liked it. We were there for three nights staying in the Classical Baby Grand art hotel on Athinas Street. This is a comfortable hotel, though we did get a standard room for Vicki and Aoife, and a Deluxe room for Roma and myself. Unfortunately we couldn't tell the difference between the two and only saw on our bill that Roma and I were in the standard room while the girls got the "luxury" room! It's not worth the extra cost to get a "deluxe" room.

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