Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Fr. Murphy Centre, Boolavogue

Today, Roma and I visited the Fr. Murphy Centre in Boolavogue, Co. Wexford. Fr. Murphy was a rebel priest during the 1798 rebellion who met his fate at the end of a rope in Tullow after the rebellion was over. The Boolavogue Centre really has very little about Fr. Murphy who was a lodger in a farm that was located on the same site. Much restoration of old buildings is done - this work is very good and gives an idea of what life must have been like 200 years ago. The tour of Fr Murhy's does not take long, but it is complemented by a display of old farm machinery from the 19th century.

Overall, the Centre is worth visiting, though don't expect too much on Fr. Murphy. An excellent account (Fr. John Murphy of Boolavogue 1753-1798) of Fr. Murphy's life is written by Nicky Furlong which I read many years ago.

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