Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Road Trip to Cork

I traveled to Cork yesterday afternoon to attend the NCI Open Evening in the Imperial Hotel on the South Mall. We did not have a successful evening as very few people turned up to inquire about our courses - I was very disappointed at travelling so far for so little.

However, I did get to ride my Harley-Davidson down the Motorway that is now completed from Dublin all the way to Cork. It was a super afternoon, and I took just two hours and five minutes to complete the trip, slowing down only at the two Tolls, and for the last few miles to conserve petrol as I had to switch to the reserve tank at Watergrasshill near Cork City. Indeed - the lack of a Service Station on this route makes for a tight trip - the 160 miles it as the limit of the capacity of my petrol tank - especially if riding hard. I averaged 75mph on the way down (excluding the toll stops), so decided to be a bit slower coming back (70mph) - which made for less petrol being used.

The road was surprising quiet for mid-afternoon - I expected it to be quiet on the way home (I left Cork at 8.00pm). I couldn't help thinking that this was an awful lot of road for so little traffic. I had the road to myself on a lot of occasions. Was a Motorway all the way to Cork really needed? A dual-carriageway would have been just as effective - and a lot cheaper. Anyway - it is there now, so I won't recommend that it be dug up - long may it continue to link Dublin and Cork.

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