Thursday, May 06, 2010

OpenCoffee Club Dublin

I attended the OpenCoffee Club morning at NCI today - a chance to network with colleagues and business people over some free coffee, tea, and pastries. I was also asked to shoot some short video clips for the Club. I had my iPhone for this and used the QIK App to upload direct to the web. The videos can be seen here. QIK is a neat new tool that allows you to shoot video when is automatically uploaded to your QIK page. Here is my "pan" video of the event:

The event was also the first time I got my hands on an iPad. It is really a very cool piece of kit, and attracted a lot of attention.

We also had an interesting short presentation from a couple guys from Griffith College who have a new start-up called - early days for them yet, but good luck for the future.

Overall, a very enjoyable event - congrats to the NCI folks who organized it. Professionals as always!

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