Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Open Evenings at NCI

One of the nice parts of my job is that I get to meet prospective students at events such as NCI's Open Evenings for part-time courses. Each year we host several Open events in which people who are interested in courses come along and ask us about which course is right for them, what courses are about, and what jobs are likely at the end of a course. 

There is a lot of hope - I get to talk to people who want to improve their skills, who want to develop new careers, who want to get off the unemployment road onto a new road that leads to a job, and who want to achieve new heights. I do my best to encourage people to think carefully about what they like and what they really want to do - that's the most important thing. Committing to a course running part-time over 3-4 years is a huge commitment in time - not to mention money. Prospective students need to be fully aware of this. One guy who came in today was 65 years old, who was interested in post-graduate courses - he graduated 40 years ago!

Our School of Computing is launching a new MSc in Web Technologies - there was a good bit of interest in this. Surprisingly, the course that I dealt with most inquiries about was the B.A. in Management of Technology in Business. Further Open Evenings will be held over the summer - right up until we start the new semester. The dates are:
  • Wednesday, 9th June 2010
  • Tuesday, 29th June 2010
  • Wednesday, 21st July 2010
  • Wednesday, 4th August 2010
  • Thursday, 19th August 2010
  • Saturday, 21st August 2010
  • Wednesday, 15th September 2010

Why not come along and see if we have the course for you!

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