Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Building Activity at Anglo Irish Bank proposed new HQ

In my first effort at "Everyone's A Journalist" - I stopped off at North Wall Quay this morning when I noticed that a crane was working at the site of the proposed new HQ of Anglo-Irish Bank. Only one of the four cranes was moving, but I whipped out my iPhone and recorded a short (25 secs) on-the-spot news report which I have uploaded to YouTube:

I pass by this site regularly, and it has been dormant for well over a year - no building activity that I could see. So - what is happening? I'm sure that this building site now belongs to NAMA. Is this basic maintenance? Or is the building going to be completed? Or it it being prepared for demolition? 

It seems to me to be a pity if it is demolished, on the other hand it also seems to be a waste to spend any more money on it. Hopefully folks who are far more intelligent than me will make the right decisions on this and other similar cases.

I had a slight bit of bother uploading the video to YouTube. This is because I have two YouTube channels - one for my How To... and Problem-Solving Techniques videos, and a second for stuff like this Anglo video. (which I don't want on my serious channel). My iPhone seems to allow me to publish directly to only the first (if there is a way I'll figure it out). So I emailed it to myself, downloaded and then uploaded the video directly to YouTube.

I have also tweeted about this earlier on Twitter (it has been re-tweeted already) - this has resulted in 15 views already. Though I have very few followers, it will be interesting to see how many views it will have by the end of the day.

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