Monday, February 09, 2009

Professor makes his mark, but it costs him his job

I read with interest this article about a Lecturer in the University of Ottawa, called Professor Denis Rancourt, who has been fired for giving all his students an A+ at the start of the year! The article states:

It was not his job, as he explained later, to rank their skills for future employers, or train them to be “information transfer machines,” regurgitating facts on demand. Released from the pressure to ace the test, they would become “scientists, not automatons,” he reasoned.

Interesting stuff. I  find marking one of the most difficult parts of my job - the difference for a student getting 68% vs 72% could affect the rest of their lives. My College has recently introduced Second Marking of all assessment - this has been greeted with disdain by myself and almost all my colleagues. Perhaps Professor has a simple, but effective solution to this problem?

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