Saturday, November 01, 2008

NCI Graduation Ball

Yesterday was the second of two Graduation Days in NCI. I had classes on Thursday, so couldn't go that day. On Friday I attended two ceremonies. In the morning I was part of the Academic Procession. I knew a lot of the students graduating as it was mostly School of Computing students. Author Maeve Binchy received an Honory Fellowship. I was Master of Ceremonies for the afternoon session which was very long. I kept the ceremony going fine - I have done this on several occasions before and really enjoy doing it. Gary McGann of Smurfit Kappa received the Honory Fellowship at this ceremony.

In the evening I attended the Graduation Ball which was held in the Hilton Hotel in Charlemont Place. There were quite a few staff present, but curiously only three Lecturers (including me). We had a great evening. I was sitting at a staff table for dinner with nine women colleagues and no men - lucky me surrounded by so many beauties!

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