Friday, November 22, 2019

Things I didn't know existed #socialblade #B-

I got a B- that I didn't know I had! A B- is not a bad grade, but what was it for? It turns out that a website called Social Blade tracks user statistics for YouTube (plus Instagram and Twitter). It claims to give a "deeper understanding of user growth and trends". I didn't know it, but it tracks my YouTube Channel (and presumably every other channel too). Much of the data it provides is already available in YouTube Analytics, which I had assumed was only available to me as a content creator - here's a summary of what anyone can see on Social Blade about my channel:

Image and Data Source: Social Blade.

Presumably the figures are worldwide-based - so I can see that my channel is the 13,766th ranked education channel in the world. My goodness - there are a lot of educational channels! Of more local interest, I see that my channel is ranked 405th of all channels in Ireland. Woo! I don't know what the rank is based on (presumably a combination of views/subscribers/earnings/influence). In case you are interested, Power Kids TV is the number one ranked channel in Ireland (it gets an A). 

Students often ask me where their grade for an exam/assignment ranks in their class. I often find that a student who gets a 75% grade, and discovers that it is the top mark in the class, is very happy. But they are not so happy if this grade is near the bottom of the class - even though it is the same grade. I am happy with a B- (often considered to be 80% - 82%). However, figures like this can be meaningless without context. For example, my channel is ranked 173,387th in the world. This seems like a very low ranking (it is!). But when you consider that there are 32.8 million YouTube Content Creators, who each have a channel, it's not so bad after all. Hooray for B-!

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