Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Simple Charts Often Work Best #DataViz #Analytics #Statista

One of my favourite newsletters that I receive on a regular basis is the Statista Infographics Bulletin. It regularly shows us interesting data-based facts from around the world in a visual format which makes interpretation quick and easy. Here's a recent one about packaging consumption in Germany:

Infographic: Germany's Packaging Waste Mountain Is Growing | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista.

It is a simple bar chart showing four pieces of data per year for five years (not evenly spread). The stand out illustration is the increasing number amount of paper waste increasing every period, with a similar increase in plastics. Despite drives to reduce paper and plastic consumption and to increase recycling - the problem continues to grow. Environmentalists (which should be us all) will rightly be concerned about the trends shown in this chart - they are going in the wrong direction.

In Data Visualization there needs to be an immediate impact - the relationships and trends are indeed obvious straight away here. The colours have no meaning - in this chart they serve to simply separate the columns and provide consistency from year to year. Sometimes we overdo illustrations with complicated artistry and interactivity - simplicity is best!

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