Friday, August 23, 2019

Interesting New Data Visualizations from YouTube #Analytics

YouTube/Google have stepped up their offerings to video content developers with their new Studio. This makes analysing data trends a little more interesting. Back in May 2015 (centre of chart below) there was an almost sudden Fall in the number of views - at the time I put this down to "advice" given to me by my YouTube Content Manager. This resulted in me making changes to tags and thumbnails which I blamed for the Fall in views. Today, while reviewing YouTube's new data visualizations I noted a huge contrast in the before and after May 2015 period. For several years my How To...Create a Basic Gantt Chart in Excel 2010 was by far my top performing video - it was my first million views video. This is illustrated by the purple line dominating the left side of the chart below. After the Fall, it never recovered the number of views. In the six months just before the Fall, my How To... Plot Multiple Data Sets on the Same Chart in Excel 2010 (in blue) increased dramatically before falling back along with all other videos. But it recovered and went on to become my second million views video, and is still my top performing video today. Strange!

The chart below from YouTube Studio is an excellent representation of seven and a half years of data on my five top performing videos. I like the choice of colours to clearly separate the five lines on each line, each data point is the number of views per day. Despite meaning that each line shows nearly 2,800 data points, the weekly and seasonal trends are clear to see. The chart is also very interactive with rollovers at any point giving more details. I, as the user, can also select from 23 different data sources and many different filters, and I can zoom in on any time period for mire detailed analysis. Thank you Google!

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