Wednesday, August 14, 2019

3 Weeks with Google Pixel 3a #loyalty

Three weeks ago I started using Google's Pixel 3a - it is also of course 3 weeks since I dumped the iPhone series which I had been using since 2008. 

The first thing I can say about the Pixel is that it is far superior to my previous iPhone 6. For a budget smartphone (it was $399), it is the best phone I have ever had. Switching from iOS to Android was not as complicated as I expected, and so far I do not miss the iPhone. I'm still getting used to where things are on the Pixel.

Without realising it, it seems that I am part of a global trend of people switching from iPhone to an Android phone like the Pixel 3a. The excellent Statista website reports that Loyalty Is Waning Among iPhone Users. You can see below that it has dropped from a high of 92% to 73% - quite a decline and not good news for Apple's share price. 

Infographic: Loyalty Is Waning Among iPhone Users | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

Price for me was by far the biggest reason for switching to the Pixel 3a. I simply was not prepared to shell out nearly a thousand euro for an iPhone X, nor was I prepared to wait for the Pixel 4 - rumoured to also cost around a thousand euro. Budget phones like the Pixel 3a provide everything that I need, so no need to spend a fortune just to keep up with the latest gadgets.

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