Thursday, June 27, 2019

Eugene & Roma Do Route 66 - Day 1

Wow - Day 1 of our trip has finally arrived. Is is a non-travel day, but it serves to meet and greet our group for the next 15 days, and go through an Induction Session at 16:00 in the afternoon. As we arrived on Tuesday, we had Wednesday and part of today to check out Chicago - where of course Route 66 starts (or ends).

We travelled downtown and had a great day checking out The Loop and all the tall buildings - plus having a beer or two. We took a water boat tour around the Chicago River which was very information and fun. We also attended a free outdoor concert in Millenium Park - lovely Strauss music. However, it started to rain after about 45 minutes and we had to seek shelter in a nearby restaurant. 

At our Induction meeting we met Jan and Jennifer who will be our guides, plus the 12 other members of our group. Everything was well explained to us - so far, it is very organized. We got new biker jackets too! We are the only Irish people in the group - others are from UK, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, and the United States. All seem our age or just a little younger, and all bar one are already Harley-Davidson riders. A very mixed and experienced group. So - a really good start, and I can’t wait to get on the bike tomorrow.

Some photos of the day - sorry, no bikes so far! 

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