Wednesday, June 12, 2019

10 Video trends you should know about via @panopto

Recently at the EdTech 2019 Conference I got chatting to one of the Exhibitors (Panopto) about video in the classroom and how it is used as a learning resource to enhance the student learning experience. Panopto has commissioned an interesting survey (based on 500 students in 135 UK colleges, so good sample size) - details of the results can be found on Panopto's website here.

Amongst the interesting findings of this survey is that:
  • 90% of students agreed or strongly agreed that technology improves their ability to learn
  • 92% found recorded lectures useful
  • 78% were already using the likes of YouTube and Vimeo to teach themselves 
It's not really surprising that the figures above are so high. It might be a bit worrying for educators and College authorities that so much of their students' learning is taking place outside the classroom, but I would not agree with this. Most learning takes place outside the class anyway - in my time as a student in the late 1970s and early 1980s, when there was no learning technology, I spent more time in the Library than in class.

Breaking down the 78% figure above for students using video to teach themselves:
  • 52% use video to help with coursework/assignments
  • 28% to research the college application process
  • 23% use video to learn a new language
Interestingly, Panopto's survey found that 33% of students had been given "How To..." tutorial videos by their lecturers - doubling in one year. It's not clear if the videos were made by the lecturers themselves or by third parties. 

We are truly in the age of the flipped classroom and the trend of students seeking out educational resources for themselves will certainly continue. We as educators have a responsibility to provide appropriate guidance to third-party resources, and to get equipped to create our own video resources. More and more classes are being recorded (all NCI's on-line classes are recorded in Adobe Connect). While this will raise many issues for lecturers, it will overtake the classroom in the not too distant future.

Source: All figures quoted about are taken from Video Trends You Should Know About That Enhance The Student Learning Experience. A full copy of Panopto's Infographic summarising the results of their survey can be found here.

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