Saturday, June 29, 2019

Chicago to Springfield, Route 66 - Day 2

At last we got on the road - not quite Route 66 as we first had to get out of Chicago. I am delighted with our bike, a Harley-Davidson Electra Glide. This is a great bike for passengers as it’s rear seat is like an arm chair. I like it too, and had great fun on it today. We stopped to visit many Route 66 sites such as Dicks On, Launching Pad, Dwight Petrol station, and the Pontiac museum. Lots of photo opportunities some of which I’ve added below. My GoPro is working great and taking good quality photos and videos. However, our Cardo rider/passenger communication system did not get off to a good start. My headset works OK, but Roma’s is not designed for a half helmet. Insulation tape to the rescue!

So - what is Route 66 like after first day? Really great! So far no regrets in taking on this long journey. Already we can tell that our group are a great bunch to travel with. Our patience was tested today with a half hour long delay coming to Springfield due to some maintenance on the motorway. But we covered the 200+ miles on motorway plus sections of the original Route 66 - there is not much of it left in this first section of our journey. We came close to two thunder storms, but managed to slip by without need to stop and put on wet gear. Our guides, Jan and Jennifer, are knowledgeable and professional - it already feels like we are the first ever group they ever took out, such is their enthusiasm to see that we have a good time.

This evening we arrived in Springfield - birth place of Abraham Lincoln. You can’t miss him - he is everywhere! I would dearly love to spend time here to study his legacy further, but perhaps another time. This is a bike trip, not a history journey!

Here are some photos from today... 

At the Pontiac Museum.

Launching Pad. 

Baby you can drive my car!

Anyone for a fill up?

Dicks On!

Who’s that with Eugene and Roma?

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