Friday, August 10, 2018

YouTube Channel Analytics #16000000

A nice surprise awaited me when I got back to the office as I checked the analytics for my YouTube channel - it has passed the 16,000,000 views mark some time in the past few weeks. I still get a kick out of every milestone such as another million views. As always - I am totally flattered that so many people view my videos, here's the latest lifetime numbers:

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The figure above of 43,107,239 minutes for Watch Time equates to just under 82 years! Most of the views still come from the United States (34%), but this proportion has been declining as other countries, especially India at 10%, increase the number of views. This time last year the USA was at 36%, and India was at 7.9%. Ireland accounts for just 1.3% (212,936 views) of the 16 million total.

One general trend that I have noticed is that views of my Statistics videos have been growing very well, while some of my older videos on things like Excel, have been declining. I take the approach with the Statistics videos to keep them simple and never deviate from a step-by-step methodology. I also note that the disastrous May/June period in 2015 (when I made changes to the metadata of each video) has now been wiped out. While the summer periods always record a big drop in views (as does Christmas), this summer has been the best since I set up the channel on 7th April, 2006. Hopefully the views will continue to grow, and that I can find the time to add more videos.

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