Monday, August 13, 2018

Repeat Exams

In the autumn of 1979, I had to repeat two modules in 1st year Science in Trinity: Chemistry and Physics. Even though I had found 1st year difficult, I did not expect to fail the summer exams. I scraped through the repeats on the pass-by-compensation rule. Not having learned my lesson, I had to repeat two more much harder modules in 2nd year, and failed both again. I had to repeat the year during which I finally figured out this "College" thing.

We are not defined by our failures (or successes) - they are simply part of the way we learn. There is no shame in failing an exam and having to repeat it. If you need two efforts at passing an exam - so be it and move on. 

To all those students starting repeat exams today - good luck. You are not a failure.

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