Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Back to Work

Image source: Mathematica.
Today is my first day back to the office after summer holidays - I spent most of the day deleting hundreds of emails. In the end there was not much for me to deal with and I got through the lot fairly easily. Summer is obviously a very quiet time in the College - it always amazes me how it can be so hectic at times, and so quiet at other times. Could there be a way of spreading and evening out the work a bit better? Courses are being run during the summer, and getting busier every year.

I spent most of the summer either in Vancouver or Wexford - much of it without connectivity (as I wrote two posts ago). Hence my lower than average output on this blog. However, I was affected slightly by a comment on one of my posts from this time last year: "Who gives a flying f@@@ about your holidays?". I didn't at the time think it would affect me - but this summer I was slower to post. 

Hopefully I'll get back into action in the next few days. I have what I hope will be an interesting challenge in the upcoming semester - a module on Programming with R to be delivered online. I haven't taught programming for a good few years, and I've never delivered a class online - I'll be sure to recount experiences and lessons learned throughout the semester.

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