Sunday, March 18, 2018

First day in Havana

Today was my first time in Havana and what a great experience it is. They say it is a step back in time and I guess this is partly right. The cars! The cars! The cars! We had a tour planned for the morning and the first part was in a open top 1948 American classic with a noisy Russian Volga engine. It rattled around the streets of Havana and we loved every minute of it. Our destination was Revolution Square a big wide expanse with a monument to Jose Marti, a pre-revolution Cuban hero. Our guide brought us around on foot through several squares and lots of narrow streets. I brought cigars in a government run shop that sold just rum and cigars. I’ll get rum another day.

News of snow at home has reached us, but it is 29C here - I went to a pool for the afternoon for some beer and the Irish Times crossword. WiFi is very limited (as are many things in Cuba) - only available in the hotel lobby. There are two worlds here - one populated by the Cuban people, and the other by tourists. Amidst the run down buildings there are beautiful hotels - it is easy to feel wealthy and privleged here. A few photos from the day taken with my Windows phone...

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