Sunday, May 15, 2016

Hope #My500Words #231

This is a tough one - today's 500 words are about "Hope". Jeff Goins tells us to "Take whatever fears and insecurities you have, your internal questions and doubts, and turn them into words that inspire". Easier said than done!

Photo by Obama-Me.
Writing to inspire - that's a tall order so I won't try it. But I do hope from time to time. I hope for ordinary things like that I will stay healthy, that I will keep my job, that my motorbike won't break down, that the sun will shine, that the traffic will not be so bad on the way to work, that Preston North End win their next match, that Ireland win the World Cup, that there is a God, that I'll be able to keep it (you know what) up for a while longer, that I'll lose weight, that all my students pass their exams, that my classes are interesting, that I finish my next book, that I don't burn the BBQ, that I win the Lotto, that the WiFi signal will always be strong, that there will always be a bottle of wine priced at a tenner or less, that the queue I join will be the quickest (it never is), that Guinness's and Irish Distillers never go out of business, that I meet Jesus in Heaven, that the Dubs can be beaten, that I'll see an episode of "Reeling in the Years" where Kilkenny doesn't win the All-Ireland Hurling Final, that I don't fart at an inappropriate time, that my breath doesn't smell, that I don't get dementia, that Denis O'Brien stops suing people, that politicians will be honest, that the Luas strike will end, that we in Ireland stop arguing over abortion, that drug pushers fuck off and die somewhere, that the Palestinians get justice, that I can get a ticket to the All-Ireland final, that Leicester City win the Premier League again, that Donald Trump does not become President of the United States, that Hilary Clinton does not become President of the United States, and finally that I'll get to the end of the Jeff Goins 500 Words a Day Challenge!

Some of my more personal hopes are mostly family related. I hope that my three girls are happy and make a success of their lives. I hope that they will have families of their own and that some day (not too soon!) they will make me a grandfather. I hope that they can afford to buy their own place and that they will always be successful. I hope that they burst the shite out of any glass ceilings that get in their way. I hope they meet the partner that these beautiful and fantastic girls deserve. I hope that I am always there for them. I hope that I am the one man they can turn to no matter what - no questions asked. I hope that some day I will bring my grand-sons and grand-daughters to Croke Park like my own grandfather brought me. I hope RB will always love me (as I do her - still mad about you!).

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