Wednesday, December 16, 2015

YouTube Channels for Educators - More Good Stuff via @suebecks

In her recent article on Using YouTube in Learning and Teaching, Sue Beckingham gives us more useful tips and ideas for video - here is her list of educational channels for learners that she recommends:
Source:Using YouTube in Learning and Teaching (Beckingham, 2015)

Dare I add my own educational channel ( to this? It has been one of the biggest helps to my work in College over the past (almost) 10 years since I set it up on 7th April 2006.

It is an exciting time for technology in education. Though there are still doubters and educators afraid of change, I (and I'm sure most educators) am now inspired by students to use technology as much as I can. It is over 26 years ago since I created my first ever computer-based training lesson (April 1989) when I joined CBT Systems. Since then I have had a computer at my finger tips for all my learning and teaching activities. While there is a massive difference between the basic IBM PC that I used 26 years ago, and the Dell XPS laptop I am using now - it is how we use the technology that matters, not what it is.

If you are looking for inspiration about technology in education, look no further than the video below about Google Classroom available from the Google for Education link above:

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