Friday, December 18, 2015

"How Now Mrs Brown Cow" at the 3Arena

One of the funniest Irish people on the planet is Brendan O'Carroll, especially when he and his family treat us to the comedy of Agnes Brown and "her" boys. Yesterday evening I joined a big crowd at the 3Arena and we were was treated to an endless flows of gags, puns, slagging, innuendo, with some slapstick thrown in. There's no doubt that O'Carroll can entertain his audience, and I think it is safe to say that nobody left the show disappointed.

I did expect a show with new material - much of what was presented last evening had already been broadcast on the BBC. It was only when we got to the adoption story that I realized I had seen this before. I also thought when I bought the tickets that we would be closer to the stage, but the 3Arena is such a big venue. We were quite a bit away from the stage where much of the action was on a couch which meant the actors had their backs to us a lot. Two large TV screens either side of the stage certainly helped - especially for close-ups of Mrs Brown's wonderful facial expressions. A smaller more intimate venue would have been more enjoyable - I couldn't help feeling that I had spent my money to watch a big show on a TV rather than one stage. But these small things aside, I never laughed so much in one evening. Well done to Brendan and his team - looking forward already to the next Mrs Brown show!

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