Wednesday, August 26, 2015

My First "How To..." @YouTube Video using @tableau Software #FilledMap

Later in this upcoming semester I will be using Tableau Software for the first time in my Statistics classes. I normally run a lab session on visualizing data: first I used Excel, last year I added SPSS, and this year I will add Tableau to the lab. Tableau is free to students and academics for learning and teaching purposes, though a (free) license is needed to run the software. Many students have already been using Tableau in projects, and there certainly has been a demand for more experience in data visualization tools like this.

For the video below I used a simple data table from the "Living in the EU" web page - I selected "Quality of Life" data showing the GDP by country. While this is easy to chart in Excel using bar or pie charts, the idea is to see how this looks in filled map (a kind of heat map) using a map of the European Union. The video also shows how good Tableau is at recognising different data types. Hopefully I can create few more for my students to help them get through the lab.

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