Thursday, April 09, 2015

Linkedin Acquires

Right on the heels of my post yesterday ranting and moaning about "endorsements" in Linkedin comes the news today that training company has been acquired by Linkedin. Were they listening to me? When I think about it - adding a successful training company to the Linkedin portfolio makes sense. Jeff Weiner, CEO of Linkedin, states in the video below that "skills is one of the final pieces of the puzzle" and their aim is to empower "membership through learning and development". Linkedin wants to create a "digital representation of every job and every skill" required for their members and companies. 

I think this is a good mix and will certainly add a lot more value to Linkedin members' profiles if skills and proof of acquiring those skills through training (rather than endorsements from somebody else) are provided. Check out the video below for more about this acquisition.

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