Sunday, April 20, 2014

My Article in "Ireland of the Welcomes" magazine #WildAtlanticWay @Irelandofthewel

I wrote a short article based on a section of my book, "Exploring Ireland's Wild Atlantic Way", for the May/June edition of the Ireland of the Welcomes magazine. For the first of what I hope are two articles, I chose to write about riding around Achill Island and the Mullet Peninsula in Co Mayo - it is an abridged version of the same sections in my book. 

Writing for a strict 1,500 word count limit is a different experience than writing for a more open ended book. The first thing I did was to extract the relevant sections from the book, but then I had to reduce this by over 1,000 words to hit the 1,500 word count target. None of the photographs I sent in were used - stock photos from some library were used instead which are much more suitable for a glossy magazine. Next up I'm hoping that a further article, probably based on northern Donegal, will be accepted for the July/August edition!

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