Saturday, March 08, 2014

Nine Country Summer Holiday: Ireland, Wales, England, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden

It has been almost three years since I last took my bike to mainland Europe - in 2011 I went to Murcia in Spain via France and Andorra (2,420 miles/3,895 kms). In 2007 I took the bike on holiday to Sigean in France (2,072 miles/3,335 kms), and in 2005 I rode to the Algarve in Portugal via France and Spain (3,210 miles/5,165 kms). So it is time for another tour?

I have only been to Germany twice (Düsseldorf and Heidelberg) on short business trips and often vowed I would return. I have never been to Berlin, so I plan to put that right this summer. While I'm in that part of the world I plan to visit Denmark and Sweden - never been there either. My proposed route is as follows:

Image Source: Google Maps Screen Capture.
According to Google Maps this is 2,690 miles/4,328 kms. I'm hoping to be able to spend about 14 days in total with stops in Calais, somewhere in central Germany, Berlin, Lübeck, Copenhagen, Malmö, and Bremen. I might still modify the general route, but also plan to tour around a bit too. Of course I will no doubt blog and tweet each day, and take lots of photos.

Still only in planning stage, but as the summer gets closer I am getting more excited about the thoughts of doing this (while I am still young enough to be able to do long trips like this).

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