Sunday, March 23, 2014

85+ year old tree falls in Ballingate

A few weeks ago I reported on Storm Damage in Ballingate where a favourite tree of our family that was a centre-piece in our garden was felled by the storms last February. Yesterday my Dad (Joe) and brother (also Joe) spent some time sawing it up with chainsaws as fuel for next winter. I took a large log from the tree trunk home and counted the rings to determine the age of the tree. Most rings were easy to count, but some were very close together and were hard to make out. The cross-section is from about 4m from the base, so it is older than my count. Nevertheless I figured that the tree is at least 85 to 90 years old meaning that it was planted/germinated sometime between 1924 and 1929. This was before my grandparents moved to this part of South Wicklow (from Newmarket in Cork) and before when my Grand-uncle Pat bought this land. It was a great tree to climb and play in and even though it will warm us during the cold nights of next winter, it will be sadly missed.

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