Wednesday, April 17, 2013

"Why is a class full of individuals tested by the same means?" from @sulibreaks

I watched a very interesting video created by Suli Breaks about what students learn in school and education in general. His rap-like poem (he is a poet!) ends with the thought-provoking statement "We will not let exam results decide our fate". He tells us in his own style that we learn things that we never need, and don't learn the things we do need. He's right - I have never used Pythagoras's Theorem in my life, yet I had to learn it to pass an exam.

The video really questions all (not just young) our thinking on assessment. The headline I have taken from the video "Why is a class full of individuals tested by the same means?" grabbed my attention as of course I do exactly that in my own classes. It's not practical to have individual assessments for every student, but I'm sure there are researchers working on adaptive assessment technologies that can be matched to individual students. Suli Breaks is not about bashing the education systems - he tells us "Why I hate school but love education". Educators should take the time to look and listen to this video, and listen to what young people are saying.

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