Thursday, April 11, 2013

A New Meaning to "Flipping" Classes via @storyful

Professor Michael Danduran of Wisconsin’s Marquette University, who teaches Exercise Physiology, "flipped" in one of his classes. No - not recording the class for outside viewing and using class time for homework, he really did a back "flip"! One of his students caught his flip on camera and it is posted on YouTube:

While this is very entertaining, and good on Prof Danduran for his agility, there are a few things to consider. First, this is an Exercise Physiology class, so I assume that something like this might be a regular occurrence, and is perhaps part of the syllabus. 

But... how appropriate is it for a student to shoot a video in class and post it on YouTube? At my own College we are in the early stages of discussing policy towards recording in class, which is of particular interest for students with disabilities. Could the same thing happen to us? Will a video of me falling on my arse (which is what would happen if I tried a back-flip) go viral on YouTube? Prof Danduran is no doubt the coolest guy on the Marquette campus today, and is probably suffering much slagging in the staff canteen.

Also... perhaps more importantly, what will students gain from this experience. No doubt they'll never forget the day there were in class to see Prof Danduran's back flip, but what else will they remember from the class? Wouldn't a video clip of the explanation of an important concept be more valuable? Is this education or entertainment?

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  1. Eugene,

    You pose the question... "Is this education or entertainment?"

    I would suggest, where appropriate, education should always be entertaining.

    Given the topic being addressed in this instant (Exercise Physiology) I believe it was indeed appropriate for Professor Danduran to demonstrate his skills. Why? - Well perhaps, as you suggest it was perfectly linked to some or even all of the theoretical content he was delivering in that lecture?

    It is often said... "Those who can, do... those who can't, teach"! Perhaps Professor Danduran's little piece of "entertainment" blows a small hole in that silly notion.