Thursday, April 18, 2013

20th vs 21st Century Learning and Education via @medkh9

I came across this interesting table on the Educational Technology and Mobile Learning Website in a short article written by Med Kharbach: Awesome graphic on 20th vs 21st century education. Even more interesting about this is that was created in 2007, since then social media has boomed. But I think it is as true today as it was six years ago. Check some of the keywords in each part of the 21st century column: "dynamically", "participants", "discovery", "on-demand""virtual", and "connections". 
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It's not just technology that drives this, but the many educators who embrace change and the many students who participate and demand this change. The education landscape is changing rapidly at all levels, and we will all be challenged to do our "bit" to make education a more collaborative and engaging experience for both teacher/lecturer and students. We will never get "there", because "there" keeps moving - and it is our job to KEEP UP!

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