Thursday, December 20, 2012

Educasting 20 with @mike_kiely @pamelaaobrien @topgold #StudentVoices

The last in a short series of discussions with Bernie Goldbach of Limerick IT - click below to hear:

In this Educast we talk about reaching out to students in the class, discussion forums, formative feedback, using Facebook, communication channels, using student email accounts, and I end up with summary of a meeting held in DIT this week.

During our conversation about connecting with students we talked about the line between official communication channels with the likes of Moodle and Outlook, versus the unofficial channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. Bernie made a great statement when mentioning that there is a problem with "the creeping line of connectivity and expectation of service". In other words if we are seen to be spending too much time on the highly visible social networks, we might have a problem with students who are waiting on grades and feedback for an assignment.

Many thanks to Bernie for the invitation to be part of Educasting - his enthusiasm for everything audio, technical, and educational is infectious. I wish there were more like him in third-level education.

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